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Farming Machinery Cast Iron Centrifugal Horizontal Water Pump


In the case of underground pipeline construction, because many pipelines cannot be integrated into the nearby complex and changeable geographical environment due to their own characteristics, it is necessary to coil and maintain metal gaskets
Gold composite wound gaskets can have a good maintenance effect on pipelines, and are the most widely used gaskets in the market. Stainless gold wound gasket manufacturers have a complete range of products, providing different choices for many customers.
Because the geographical environment of pipeline laying is different, the products of stainless steel spiral wound gasket manufacturers are also different. For example, the seal in the shape of English letters not only has a good-looking appearance but also is very powerful. It can fully contact with the pipeline when it is coiled, and it can be used flexibly under high temperature and pressure conditions.

Especially under the standard of mechanical pump, it can also be used normally, and the pipeline can effectively prevent corrosion after being coiled with metal gaskets. In the case of coiling metal gaskets, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform and close connection, not to be chaotic and irregular. The diameter of the gasket should be smaller than that of the flange, and the inner diameter of the gasket should be slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. The difference between the two inner diameters is generally twice the thickness of the sealing gasket to ensure that the inner edge of the sealing gasket will not extend into the container or pipeline after clamping, so as to prevent the flow of liquid in the container or pipeline from being hindered. Try to place it on the positive side of the flange, which is especially important for shoulder flanges.

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