Reasons and solutions for small water pump flow

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The reason for the small flow of the water pump

(1) The water pump may have selected an inappropriate water pump model when selecting blades.

(2) The bottom valve, pipeline and impeller are blocked or the impeller is defective.

(3) Serious water leakage occurred at the outlet pipe.

(4) Insufficient speed of the water pump during operation will directly affect the water flow of the pump, which will lead to a decrease in the flow of the pump.

(5) The pipeline is too long and causes too much loss.

(6) There is air in the pipeline and the pump body. Usually, when the suction port is not immersed in water deeply enough, it is easy to cause the pump to suck air and reduce the flow rate.

The solution to the small flow rate of the water pump

(1) The resistance of the suction pipe is too large or the water absorption height is too high. Solution: Clean up the suction pipe of the water pump or reduce the suction height of the water pump.

(2) The suction valve of the water pump is blocked. Solution: Simplify the suction valve for cleaning.

(3) The seal ring is severely worn and the gap is too large. Solution: Replace the sealing ring of the water pump.

(4) The resistance of the outlet pipe is too large. Solution: Check and clean the outlet pipe of the water pump or improve the outlet pipe.

(5) The motor turns in the wrong direction. Solution: Adjust the rotation direction of the pump motor.

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