Parker Vickers Hydraulic Piston Pump

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The Parker Vickers hydraulic piston pump is a type of hydraulic pump designed and manufactured by Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion and control technologies. The Vickers brand is known for its high-quality hydraulic components, including piston pumps, valves, and other hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic piston pumps are used in various industrial applications to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by displacing fluid through a system. The Parker Vickers hydraulic piston pump specifically refers to a line of piston pumps produced by Parker Hannifin under the Vickers brand.

Here are some key features and aspects of Parker Vickers hydraulic piston pumps:

Design and Construction: These piston pumps are designed with precision engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Variety of Models: The Vickers line offers a range of piston pump models with varying displacement options, pressure ratings, and configurations. This allows users to choose a pump that best suits their specific application requirements.

Multiple Pressure and Flow Options: These pumps are available in various pressure and flow ratings, allowing them to be used in different hydraulic systems, from light-duty to heavy-duty applications.

Axial Piston Design: Many Parker Vickers hydraulic piston pumps utilize an axial piston design, where pistons move parallel to the pump shaft. This design is known for its efficiency and compact size.

Variable Displacement Options: Some models of Vickers hydraulic piston pumps are designed with variable displacement capabilities. This means that the displacement of the pump can be adjusted to match the hydraulic system's requirements, optimizing energy usage.

High Efficiency: Vickers hydraulic piston pumps are designed for high efficiency, which helps minimize energy consumption and heat generation.

Durability and Longevity: These pumps are built to withstand the rigors of industrial applications and are constructed from materials that can handle high pressures and demanding conditions.

Applications: Parker Vickers hydraulic piston pumps are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, and more. They are commonly found in hydraulic systems that require precise and powerful fluid displacement.

Maintenance and Service: Like all hydraulic components, regular maintenance and proper servicing are important to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of Vickers hydraulic piston pumps.

It's important to consult the official Parker Hannifin website or contact a certified Parker distributor to obtain detailed information about specific models, technical specifications, and compatibility with your application. The choice of hydraulic pump should always be based on the specific requirements of your hydraulic system and the type of application you are dealing with.

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